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Ukraine Needs Israeli Anti-Drone Technology Badly, So Why Is Tel Aviv So Reticent?

In terms of anti-drone and anti-missile defence technology, Israel is a pioneer. However, despite receiving drone attacks from its arch-enemy, it has refrained from assisting Ukraine with the same for whatever reason. Iran
Jamming signals tower

Yevgen Korniychuk, Ukraine’s Ambassador to Israel, expressed frustration over the lack of appropriate support from Israel. Israel sees Iran as its arch-nemesis. The Iranian drones being used in Ukraine would give Israel the best opportunity to battle test its defence systems with Iranian drones.


The ambassador of Ukraine to Israel rekindled the ancient rivalry with Iran by claiming that Israel should have assisted Ukraine with its anti-drone weaponry if Russia had used Iranian Shahed kamikaze drones.

What else would need to occur for Israel to reverse course and begin assisting us, if only with the antimissile and anti-drone system? asked Yevgen Korniychuk, the ambassador of Ukraine to Israel, in a Thursday interview with The Jerusalem Post.

After consulting with the foreign ministries of both nations, the ambassador voiced concern about Israel’s lack of sufficient backing, as Israel views Iran as its foe.


Ukraine Needs Israeli Anti-Drone Technology Badly

The remarks were made as a phone contact between the defence ministers of the two nations was being planned.

Why hasn’t Israel provided Ukraine with anti-missile and anti-drone technology?

When it comes to drone or missile defence, Israel has some of the greatest systems in the world. These kinds of weaponry frequently target the tiny nation, making its civilian population and infrastructure exposed. As a result, it has created sophisticated defence systems that can safely shoot drones and approaching missiles.

Iran frequently declares that its goal is to eradicate Israel from the planet because it believes the Jewish state has no right to exist. Israel would have the finest chance to test its defence systems against Iranian drones through the deployment of Iranian drones being used in Ukraine, which Tehran may one day utilise against Israel.

According to The Jerusalem Post, this prevents it from providing the technology to Ukraine because it is worried about it getting into the hands of the Russians and being given to Iran. Additionally, the worry raises the possibility of alienating Russia even more.

Expect our friends and allies to help us right away. The representative hoped Israel would alter its mind. We sincerely hope that this will transpire, adding that Israel should begin openly supplying Ukraine with [defensive] weapons, either directly or via its allies. We are currently engaged in the most brutal conflict since World War II, he continued. “Thousands of our people are dying, and we anticipate immediate assistance from our friends.”

Additionally, Korniychuk claimed that the US National Security Advisor had brought up the matter with Israel during his recent visit.

Korniychuk stated, “We are suffering every single day, and we do demand the assistance of our friends and allies now – not tomorrow and not six months from now. I do hope that [US pressure] would help us.


Unwanted drones and unmanned aerial vehicles are detected and/or intercepted using anti-drone devices (UAVs). The proliferation of low-cost UAVs has increased the number of hostile drone occurrences. These incidents may involve the use of hostile drones to drop explosives, smuggle drugs, or gather intelligence on valuable assets.

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