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The World’s First ‘Cargo Drone Airline,’ Black Swan, Plans To Launch In Early 2023

The brothers have promised to "shave their eight-year-old beards" when the drone airline takes off.

The two brothers began researching the business in 2013 when Amazon started experimenting with drone delivery. The brothers thought there was a better way to deliver courier packages to each client, but they were discouraged by the logistical challenges involved in using small drones like Amazon's to carry goods directly to houses. With the support of approximately 3,000 airstrips located around Europe, the final product has about half the capacity of a U-Haul.


The “Black Swan,” a cargo-transporting drone licenced by the European Union (EU), will make its debut in early 2023. The concept came from Konstantin and Svilen Rangelov, two brothers from Bulgaria who manage Dronamics, a drone manufacturing firm. “It can cover the continental United States, the Caribbean region, the South China Sea, and all of Europe,” Rangelov said of the freight drone.

“As a result, the scale fits well within world geography.”

According to several media accounts, the two began exploring the idea in 2013 when Amazon began experimenting with drone deliveries.

The brothers believed there was a better method to send courier parcels to each customer, but they were daunted by the logistical problems of employing tiny drones like Amazon’s to transport things directly to homes.

According to Rangelov, merchandise is flown into Sofia, Bulgaria, put onto a giant truck, and then driven hundreds of miles before being transferred onto a smaller van that carries the item to particular places.

“We suggested, let’s plan the vehicle size to suit exactly what you can pack in a delivery truck in the last mile,” Rangelov explained.

“We get to eliminate a step out of the process this way.”

According to the ‘drone airline’ firm, the finished product, which has roughly half the capacity of a U-Haul moving truck, may provide consumers with speedy and affordable freight transportation, allowing for same-day delivery, with the help of around 3,000 airstrips situated throughout Europe.

Many of the airstrips are closer to customers than key distribution facilities, making same-day delivery even more feasible, according to Rangelov.

Furthermore, the architecture distinguishes Dronamics from other freight drone operators that usually transport smaller cargoes over shorter distances.

“Most tiny delivery drones are an attempt to tackle the last-mile problem,” Dronamics said in 2018 to Drone DJ news.

“They are the bike messengers, and we are the long-distance truck.”


Greener Delivery

According to the business, Dronamics’ distribution drone may lower rates by up to 50% when compared to competing cargo planes, thanks in part to its carbon fibre build, making it appealing for the “middle-mile market.”

The Black Swan has a range of 2,500 kilometres (1,550 miles), can cruise at 20,000 feet, and can carry up to 350 kg (770 pounds).

The single-propeller Rotax engine that propels the drone shuttle was built by BRP-Rotax, an Austrian company owned by Bombardier Recreational Products.

Rangelov argues that because the plane can transport individual shipments as well as single pallets of one item, it will be able to infiltrate the low-density e-commerce business.

When Black Swan is complete, Dronamics plans to utilise it as the first freight drone airline, beginning with flights over sea and in the Mediterranean, such as in Greece or Cyprus.

According to the manufacturer, the Black Swan can visit small, distant villages more readily than other drones because to its carrying capacity and ability to land on short runways, even unpaved ones.

The plane, which will be mass-produced in Germany and Australia, is fueled exclusively by environmentally friendly aviation fuel.

According to the manufacturers, the “fastest and greenest” mode of freight transportation would be pushed, with emissions reduced by 60%.

“We want to start with lower-risk routes first,” Rangelov explained. “We’ll fly over land as we develop acceptance and confidence.”

The unmanned remotely piloted aircraft will not transport products door to door, but will instead employ a network of “droneports” to enable same-day freight delivery between large gateways or warehouses and outlying villages.


Dronamics, a European manufacturing business, will shortly unveil the Black Swan, a pilotless drone approved to carry freight in the European Union beginning in 2023.

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